Chick Update – California Leghorn

California-LeghornFor those of you who are chick watchers here is an update on one of the new breeds for this year, California Leghorn.   It is a cross of a Leghorn, and a California Grey Rooster.    I chose this breed because it was suppose to be an egg laying machine and not as flighty/flaky as a standard Leghorn.   The California Grey is suppose to bring the calming effect to the cross-breed.  She is definitely one of the calmer birds this year.     I avoid white chickens because it makes them too much of a target for predators.  I had gotten the impression that they would be white who some black/grey splashes.   My little chick started out with some dark spots, but as she had feathered in she has lost all spots and become a pure white bird.

Four weeks is too early to be passing judgment on if this is a breed I will repeat or not, but the solid white makes my work to keep her safe is going to be much harder than I traditionally put into watching my flock.

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