Marlboro Man vs. Mr. Ranger Sir

When you blog, you have decided to share something of yourself with the world.   On the other hand the rest of your family has not. One of the things many bloggers do is to give members of their family “blog names.”   I find myself saying “my husband” more and more and have decided that after three years of blogging he really does deserve his own “blog name.”

This is a hard chore I have discovered because you want to give them a name that will tell readers something about your spouse.   One of the more famous blog spouses is the Marlboro Man.  It was given when  Ree Drummond of Pioneer Woman fame, began her blog years ago telling about her meeting and courting with her now husband.    The name was perfect for her man because  her blog read like a romance novel.   I am not sure if young women of today get that handle, but women who remember the Marlboro TV commercials, have no doubt what her husband is like.    I grew up when westerns were king on TV….Bonanza….Gunsmoke…High Chaparral….Wild, Wild, Wild West….Big Valley…Maverick.    Who didn’t have a favorite cowboy?    The Marlboro man riding his horse  into the western sunset, it was pure fantasy.   As an adult woman who has lived in cattle ranching country in the west, I am  sure that a cowboy with a wad of chewing tobacco in his cheek is so not my dream man.   One of my first beau’s was a smoker and if memory serves me correct, the taste of stale smoke, is second only to coffee breath.   So times have changed but I know what Ree was trying to tell us about her man when she gave him that name.  Her Marlboro man was hardworking, honorable, rough in a good sort of way and darn good-looking man.

This takes me back to picking a name for my husband.   I have finally settled on  Mr. Ranger Sir.  It comes from the cartoon Yogi Bear. My family helped pick this name, not that they know it. My family constantly refers to my husband as a forest ranger.  He works for the Forest Service and the only one in that agency called a ranger is the District Ranger.   Everyone else in the agency has another title, but none of them include the world Ranger.   Mr. Ranger Sir does not capture all the qualities of my husband like the Marlboro man does, but he loves the outdoors and does work an agency, so I guess it will do.      Hence forth my husband will be known as Mr. Ranger Sir.

Somewhere in there is my husband.

Somewhere in there is my husband.

11 comments on “Marlboro Man vs. Mr. Ranger Sir

  1. Lol……mine is the Bossman…….but sometimes I call him the husband and some people think I have a boss and a husband and someone in my life I call Terril 😦

  2. “I love Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo and Mr. Ranger Sir” – says the only 44 year old mom in America who still watches cartoons for pleasure – –
    So let’s see, hubby, I mean, Mr. Ranger Sir, must be concerned about the health and welfare of the forest and it’s creatures, would like to take a vacation, but can’t be sure his replacement will rule with his lovable combination of sternness and compassion – sometimes blows his top in exasperation, but immediately regrets it when the object of his tirade reveals a (seemingly) broken heart, admires the ingenuity of teeny-bopper-type tom foolery, even while denouncing the actions as dangerous or harmful and is determined to protect the food stores of others, while instructing all on the benefits of a natural diet….

    I don’t know, Mr. Ranger Sir seems to convey quite a bit of information – me thinks…


  3. Sorry but I just can’t wrap my head around “Mr Ranger Sir”! That leads to so many wrong connotations in my mind! He is still my hero….so I have to ponder on this and see if can’t come up with something that says JE to me…”Super Ranger” Ha! 🙂

  4. Loved this! I thought there were two pictures. The obvious one to me and the guy standing by the shovel looking up the pole. Was that him?

  5. Did you notice that if you make an acronym out of Mr. Ranger Sir it’s MRS? So, your Mr. is a Mrs. 😉 All teasing aside, I like your DH’s pseudo-name!

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