Its a Boy

Gold Laced Wyandotte, male at 4 weeks.

Gold Laced Wyandotte, male at 4 weeks.

I buy sexxed chicks.   This means I buy chicks that someone has decided their gender on the same day they are born, before shipping them to me.   Sexxing chicks is done by one of three methods.

  • Some chicks are color sex linked.   This means that when they are born they have a color trait that is specific to one gender or another.    Easy as pie
  • Some chicks are feather sexxed.   This means someone looks at their emerging wing feathers and a pro can tell by what they see if they are male or not.   Not so easy
  • Lastly it is just like you think.   A pro takes a look at the little parts.  Pretty amazing they can sex chicks at all. Beyond hard and gross.

As you can imagine sexxing is an inexact science.    Though my hatchery has done  a pretty darn good job over the years.  This year I have one who slipped by and tricked the sexxers.  My gold laced wyandotte is a boy!

Some baby chicks will not reveal their sex for a many weeks, but most of them start to shows some sign of gender between four and six weeks.    This boy is already showing deep red in his comb and his waddles (that part that hangs below the beak) is already starting to develop.)   I must admit I am disappointed this breed has always been sold out, or when I have bought it the local farm  supply it has not survived.   I finally get one and it lives and it is MALE!

Male Gold Laced Wyandottes can be very handsome roosters.   I am hoping he might be a rooster with a good disposition and he can stay around for the summer.   A good rooster will keep watch on the flock while they are out free ranging.   I will keep you posted on this developing matter.

8 comments on “Its a Boy

  1. Have you heard of the needle trick to determine gender? If not then bear with me, because this is going to sound crazy…if you thread a needle and hold the thread at the top, with the needle dangling straight down above the baby chick’s head, it will move (without you wiggling or trying to swing it) in a circle over a female and in a straight line over a male. This test was 100% accurate when I got 12 chicks two years ago.

  2. We did the play it by ear thing with last year’s accidental roo and so far he has been great. I say so far because if he decides to get an attitude at any point he’s gone. We wont keep an aggressive roo. We have an accidental cockerel this year as well. We are again playing it by ear…will the boys live in peace? Will the new guy be nice to humans and the farm dog? Time will tell if he ends up dinner or part of the flock.

  3. I liked the two GLW boys I had. But liked them better in the freezer. I really like the 2 GLW hens, friendly, funny and talkative. Good luck!

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