Vacation of Uncertain Kind

My husband out there in the elements trying to adjust that little antennae

My husband out there in the elements trying to adjust that little antennae

Last fall  we  planned our vacation for this week.  We had made  lots of plans that we were quite excited about.  We had hotel reservations that ensured we were going to be leaving Dodge and take a “real vacation.”  Something we seldom do.   Then life happened.  My husband is a federal employee and sequestration and the debt ceiling suddenly made things uncertain.   My employer had a tough year and I may have reduced hours.   It no longer made sense for us to take off.   That vacation fund might just be needed for other things.   We decided that we would stay home  finish up projects in our kitchen that we had planned for later the year.

This vacation has been a comedy of errors.   We tried to replace the lights only to discover that the conversion kit need for the vaulted ceiling cost more than the new lights did.   They went back to the store.   We discovered that the salesman for the flooring was not fully informed and it could not be laid on the existing subfloor in our kitchen .   The new flooring is going back next week.   Our old range  had died beyond repair.   We had waited  ten days for the new one to be delivered, only to discover it had been damaged in transit,  again beyond repair, and would have to be replaced.  Another two weeks without a range  is on our horizon as our old one was already on the way to the recycle center.   Our TV quit working because they changed the “repeater” towers for our over the air TV.   My husband spent the cold day out in the wind trying to get the over the air antenna to pick up three stations.  No such luck only two or one the towers are just too far apart to work with our little antenna.  We had planned to hike and ride our new bikes.  Instead we have had snow two days already, when it has not been snowing, the wind has been howling.

This could be a disaster.   My husband and I could be fighting about all our frustrations.   Instead we are somehow enjoying the time for what it is.   Every time we drive two hours to the city to buy or return something we treat ourselves to a nice lunch.    We are foodies and love to enjoy food that we can’t easily find in our neck of the woods.   We love to sit in a restaurant and compare how we saw things and our plans.    One day we split a Cubano sandwich and salad, another I had a Thai chicken salad with mango, and he had a southwestern style sandwich, yesterday we found a Mediterranean café and split a trio/combo lunch.

No this wasn’t how we had planned our life, but it is ok .   It is a vacation of a different kind.  A vacation to reconnect.  A vacation to enjoy simple accomplishments.   A vacation not to be spent hurrying trying to squeeze as many things a possible things in a five-day-long holiday.  It has been a holiday that we have savored the time together, and the trials that have reminded us that together we are stronger than we are alone.

9 comments on “Vacation of Uncertain Kind

  1. You know, it sounds like it turned out to be a PERFECT vacation! 🙂 I’m sorry you weren’t able to go treat yourselves in some faraway land, but I love that you got some quality time together. That’s really what vacations should be all about, right?

  2. Hang in there I too have snow tonight at The Mason Jar Farm,, read, or drink wine and remember things you did in the early days of dating, and enjoy! My tidbit… Enjoyed your story!

  3. Hey, it could be worse…….you could be spending the night sitting in wet snow trying to keep a fire going and one of you skiing out with the terror of leaving the other behind and the terror of staying behind and the waiting and the waiting……but that vacation turned out well and bonds were strengthened and reinforced. And so will they be now. God bless and congratulations on these new reinforcements of those wonderful bonds.

  4. I totally understand what you are going through and I love your attitude about it. We have had a few of those of our own. We always say that anyone can have fun on a great vacation, it takes true character to have fun when nothing is going as planned and many things are going totally wrong.

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