Introductions – Buff Orpington

10 day old Buff Orpington

10 day old Buff Orpington

Over the next weeks I will posting photos of my assorted flock and sharing with you information about the various breeds   I have pages about what I have done on past years with tabs at the top “Backyard Chickens.”  I am sharing this to help inform folks who have never had a flock about what you might expect…the good…the bad…and the ugly.

Buff Orpington is supposed to be the Golden Retriever of the chicken world.   Golden, friendly and plays well with all others. It is a solid golden bird, with a heavy build.     It is a breed that originated in the UK.  It is considered a dual purpose bird, meaning that it lays well and could just as easily be Sunday dinner.     It is a favorite of backyard flocks because of these traits.   Up until now I have not tried it because….it was solid in color and I really like my little flock to be “interesting” feathered.   It is also known to be a broody, it would like to hatch some eggs, something I am not interested in.   

At this age the feathers in her wings are coming in at that amazing golden color they are known for.   We are not seeing any chest or tail feathers.   In the flock of birds she is in she is one of the crowd.   She is neither wild, nor timid.


3 comments on “Introductions – Buff Orpington

  1. We love our buff orpingtons! We got them as pullets last year, so we didn’t get to see them as little balls of fluff. They’re really consistent layers and out of the 7 we have, 1 has gone broody. Can’t go wrong with a buff orpington!

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