Chickens in a Box

chix-boxNo I am not talking take out chicken dinner, I am talking baby chicks.   On Friday morning at 8:30 I got a call from the local post office to come pick up my box of baby chicks.   I pulled on my shoes and got in my rig and drove to town to pick up my box.

When I got there, everyone was fascinated by a box that came through the mail that was full of loud peeping.   Chicks in a box always cheep and peep, but this box was the loudest I had ever received.  They wanted to know if I had done it before, which I had.   They pepper me with more questions which I freely answered as I took my box and headed home.    It is a fun time to introduce others to the process of chickens and eggs.

My 15 baby chicks  they were all sorts of  colors.   Just the way I like it, pretty, different layers.   My invoice was stamped with males for warmth.   Bummer!   For the first time of having extra chicks as packing peanuts, I  could not tell who they were.   I could not tell the difference between the chicks I wanted and the boy chicks I did not want.  Bigger bummer!   It means that I am going to have five boys that will be strutting around with testosterone fever shortly.   It means nothing but trouble.  So I am hoping  they don’t fight much, leave the girls along and grow fast so they can go off to freezer camp in a few weeks.