They are in Transit

I have to think that postal employees like baby chicks better than honey bees??

I just got an email notice that my baby chicks have shipped.   Hard to imagine they are on their way from Texas to Montana.

Today at my house we had lots of snow, cool temps and wind.  Not ideal baby chick weather, but of course they will spend a couple of weeks in the brooder in the house.   Hopefully with two or three weeks they can move out to the shed with the use of heat lamps to battle Montana spring temperatures.

I am sort of excited because we are trying some new birds.   It will be fun to see how they develop.   On the other-hand their arrival comes with  the knowledge that they signal the end of the circle of life for some of the birds we currently have.

I love this pic from another blog, kidfriendlyorganiclife

Won’t be long now and the post office will be calling me to run to town to pick up my box of peeps.   I love getting cards and letters, but I think that there are few things that are cooler to get in the mail than baby chicks.  It is one of those amazing things that only the US mail does.   None of the rest even with overnight delivery will take on baby chicks….not UPS….not FedEx….only the US mail.

The count down has begun.    Time to get ready they are on their way.