Want vs Need

I redid my kitchen last year because my cupboards were falling apart.  Since that time I wanted a new refrigerator.   I have convinced myself that it is a necessity.   My existing one is very small, by today’s standards it would be in an efficiency apartment, not in the family home.     I can list all the reasons I think I need to replace it.   I have been shopping online and in the stores.  I have figured out what features I want; those I can live and can live without.   I know what options I can get and those I must compromise on.

I was nearly ready to make that purchase.   Then there was a reminder that these economic times are uncertain for so many of us.  It reminded me to think carefully when purchasing wants.   I am not suggesting we should not make discretionary expense purchases.  What I am saying is think carefully before spending money you don’t have to spend.

I have thought about what is upcoming that we need to spend money on that is non-negotiable.   I have thought about other things that may fall into discretionary spending I might want in the upcoming months.   I blogged about it here with you all, as I worked this through.   I knew when I started this blog what the outcome was, but my desire by writing about this all is to put this wish to sleep for awhile.   I will be getting a new refrigerator, but I will be put that decision back on hold until next year at this time.

Thanks for your patience with me as I worked my way through this.   May it provide you with inspiration when you have to pick and choose what you will do now and what you will defer until later.

6 comments on “Want vs Need

  1. I’m negotiating some kitchen maintenance this year….I HAD to get the new fridge first…..after all one NEEDS a fridge but not necessarily a new countertop. It always amazes me what I can do without and what other people can’t do without….and vice versa 😉

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