Being Satisfied

E_PlayingCardQueen_DBDesignsSometimes life deals you cards that you think sucks.   Maybe they do, but how you choose to play those cards is what counts.   You can choose to flail yourself about and bemoan the cards you have been dealt.     I think that we so often forget that much of what happens in life we have no control over except how we react to it.   We go on and on about what happened to us.   Instead we should be putting on our big girl panties and pulling our boot straps up and deciding how we are going to play those cards.     Many folks have been dealt worse cards.   Lots of folks don’t have the skills to play their hand good or bad.   I am not advocating a Pollyanna attitude, but I am suggesting that we look for ways that we can put ourselves back in the driver seat of our life and drive on.    So take a good look at what you have been dealt and decide how you want to play your hand.   You can play your hand better than anyone else can.