What I did with My Friday Afternoon

cat-friendThose of you who follow this blog know I am a cat person, who brought home a shelter cat who hates me and loves my husband.    This is the first cat we ever had that has NO use for me whatsoever.   I  have given her lots of time and tried so hard to win her over, but two years later it is no go.   She will still walk out of a room when I enter.   She will walk around me to get to my husband.  I want someone to sit on my lap, purr and enjoy being petted.

Now we have a dog, who is a companion animal to both my husband and me.   He likes to be petted, but he is a terrier who doesn’t crave that “lap dog attention.”  So he will sit for a bit on your lap for an ear rub, but he is soon back to sleeping on the floor.

I have been watching the area shelters and thinking about a second cat. I am not a person who is attracted to kittens, I love the adult cats who suddenly find themselves booted out.    If you tell me the owner died or went to a facility my hear screams for that cat.   I know one has be careful when considering an adult or senior cat.   I am the person that a shelter loves to see, because I don’t care about the “babies.”  What I do know about adult cats is old habits are not likely to go away.   Life has already been hard for adult cats in a shelter setting and telling them they would be joining a sassy cat and a terrier could be just too much to ask.

Friday I stopped by the shelter to look at the cats they had on hand.     I sat in the cat rooms talking to the cats, hoping to make a connection.    For some reason my cat karma is dead.   Given the option of me, the kid doing community service sulking on a bench checking their smart phone or just hanging out alone I was the last option.   No one came up and snuggled with me, though a few were interested in the kid, who was more interested in their phone.      Any cat  who I disturbed to pet and chat with acted like I was going to tell them their number was up.   No cat wanted to hang out with me.   I left without a cat.   My time to have a cat of my own was not yet to be.

6 comments on “What I did with My Friday Afternoon

  1. I love cats as well (though my Boxer, Harli, has come to be the only exception to that rule). I long to have another cat. They’re always so nice to have. Especially lap cats.

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