More Veggies and Fruit


I  have talked many times before about the whole the Bountiful Baskets Co-op.   We started  months ago, and months later I would have to say it has been one of those things we have done that have really made our lifestyle a little more healthy.  Who would have ever imagined that buying a basket of produce every other week, sight unseen would work.   You pay money and get what you get.   It is almost un-American.   We have all that fresh produce in the refrigerator and it is a challenge to eat it all before it goes to waste.  We eat things we would never have bought at the grocery.

We have incorporated more veggies into every meal we eat.   It has become easy and second nature.  We manage to eat nearly all the veggies that we get in each basket before  the time for our next one arrives.    We have never been fruit eaters and we have made huge strides in that area as well.   We are not yet eating all our fruit yet, but we our progress is more remarkable than we have done with veggies.

Bountiful Baskets works for us because we are open to trying new things.   We are willing to eat anything once, maybe twice.   We also like to try new recipes.  New and more fresh ingredients feed that creative part for both my husband and I.  If you are not open to trying new things that you could end up with baskets full of veggies you may be unwilling to eat and disappointed. I have always managed to be on the wrong week to get Brussel sprouts which I love and husband hates.   Likewise I have always wanted to try fennel and was on the wrong week for that too. But I have learned about collard greens, pomelo, fresh papaya, things I wasn’t willing to spend money on, for a chance.

On top of making us healthier it has also made our pocketbook healthier.   Last Saturday we stopped at the grocery after we picked up our basket as we needed milk.  We decided to do a price check on our our basket.    It was $15 + $1.50 fee=$16.50 total out of pocket.    Out cost at the local grocery for the same items would have been $34.   Boy didn’t we feel good?

5 comments on “More Veggies and Fruit

  1. My daughter joined a CSA this fall and used it as a challenge. As you said, the basket of produce is “you get what you get” and her desire was to figure out what to do with it. While some things were familiar, they were familiar in grocery store form (canned or frozen) and using fresh ingredients required a lot of recipe research. The whole project required a lot of recipe research. Boy, do we get in a rut with dinner! Anyway, yes, there were a few items that ended up in the compost pile but overall I was very proud of her for her attempt and consider the experiment a success. Best of all, we have a few new favorite meals.

  2. That is great! We use a company called Door-to-Door Organics to get our produce when the garden isn’t producing (or like this year when we didn’t have a garden). It is amazing how much better we do with our healthy eating when there is an abundance of fruits and veggies right there. And ours are delivered to our door, which makes it even easier! So I definitely understand what you mean.

  3. My garden works the same way for me. When I first started, I was just excited to be planting seeds, and watching them grow. Then I had to figure out what to do with all of that produce. While I would never in my life have purchased swiss chard at the store, this lovely green is now my best friend. Your article is an important statement of new values in our nation….going back to our roots.

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