An Afternoon on Skis

Jan-ski-webSaturday night we got a great snow storm and ended up with about six new inches of snow.   Because we had had so much warm weather the week before we did not have much snow cover left, and it was very welcome.  Sunday morning my husband and I  strapped on our cross skis and head out onto the ranch land behind us for quick excursion.

It was a great ski, but also challenging as the land is full of rolling hills.   It meant that I would be challenged to climb and to navigate skiing downhill on skinny skis.   We also would be forced to negotiate bunch grasses, sage and hidden rocks as we traveled.    It wasn’t long before the morning clouds broke up and the sun was shining.   In spite of subfreezing temps the  sun was starting to change the snow and it was starting to change and cake up on my skis.

I sure enjoyed myself, and the vistas that I was able to see as I skied along the tops of hills.   Oh what fun!


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