Chicks Ordered

Chicks-in-boxTonight we ordered our chicks for this year.    It has been awhile since I have done mail-order chicks, but after years of “shopping” around trying to find what I want at the local ranch supplies I have gone back to ordering my own chicks again.   The chicks I purchased at the local stores just have never fared as well as my mail-order chicks.   Nor have the locally available chicks ever match my wish list as well as my favorite hatchery.

My husband and I talked about our wish list and reviewed the web site of the hatchery last week before I hit the road.  This week when I got home, several birds on the wish list were already sold out until May.  We made some second choices and decided that this year we would not only do dual purpose birds this year, but also five meaties.

Here is our final list for this year

  • 5 red meaties – They grow slower and have fewer health problems than the production cornish-rock cross. 
  • Buff Brahma
  • Buff Orpington
  • Barred Rock
  • Partridge Chantecler
  • California White Leghorn
  • Easter Egger
  • Norwegian Jaerhon
  • gold lace wyandotte
  • silver lace wyandotte
  • buckeye

I have requested that they be shipped the week of March 18.  That is all pending on the weather as the weather needs to be somewhat warm to be shipped at that time.

What my order list  means for us is that we will end up with some meat birds in our freezer this year and we will butcher about 12 dual purpose birds as well.   For the first time we will end up with a  quantity of chicken in our freezer next year.   I am not crazy about butchering, but am committed to eating only meat that I know where it came from.

Watch here for updates

3 comments on “Chicks Ordered

  1. I like the idea of ordering meaties for the freezer. Where did you order yours from? If you prefer, you can email me – my email address is on my blog. Thanks!

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