Life Balance

Each year my employer, a non-profit, each year hosts an educational conference.    There are only two employees and though we have many volunteers this conference takes over my life in the weeks leading up to and the week of the conference.   I work long days  getting all the pieces in place that fall in my responsibility.  All cooking, laundry, cleaning at home is delegated to my husband.   I left home on Sunday for the conference and got back Friday afternoon.     I came home with tons of work and follow-ups that need to be done, and yet it is time to get my life back in balance.  Work can not be all consuming.

My first step in this was to “dump” all my work from my portable office set up at the conference in to my home office unopened, unsorted, just as is.  It is piled on the floor, on top of the desk and stashed on chairs.    I did not turn on my office desktop pc, pick up my email nor phone calls.   For those who know how organized and how I plan out my days, know that this is monumental.   But forcing myself to take the weekend and the holiday Monday off is a great way to break the chain, and work towards a normal life again.

In these days of worrying about so much, being constantly plugged in it is great to use our weekends to get away from it all and break the cycle.   It will be there when you return.   Find balance.   Enjoy life.