Terrible Timing

My treadmill’s feedback brain died.   It is absolutely the worst possible timing.    It will be another few months before those new year’s resolutions treadmills start hitting the classified ads or Craig’s list.  In the meantime the days I can’t drag myself out for a walk in the cold I will be walking on the treadmill, never quite sure how far I walked.   It isn’t a real big deal since I know my pace after all these years of walking.   But as anyone who has ever done treadmill, will verify, there isn’t much more boring that a treadmill. I use that little feedback on the dash to help keep me moving forward.    This hiccup isn’t going to stop me, but I am going to be looking for that “steal of deal” on a treadmill with a working brain.

5 comments on “Terrible Timing

    • I truly hate the treadmill too. But if it is between getting my walk in ans skipping a session it is the treadmill. I must admit that I say I can get off when I get to the mile mark. That is why I miss the darn brain so much. If I run a little to get done, I am never assured I made that mile mark. So I am stuck on it for the required time.

      • Love your crunchy paper reply…this is a really nice wordpress theme. 🙂 I was talking to a friend last night about texts and emails and how you can’t tell the intonation when someone’s writing. Then when you replied to my comment, I looked to see what I had written and I see the evidence of what he was talking about. Haha…when I said “treadmills are boring” the intonation was intended to be an agreement with your post, like “Yes…treadmills ARE boring!” But someone could take it as “Oh, come on…treadmills are BORING”…I don’t even know how to make that appear the way I’m thinking of it… Oh, well…I do think they are great when you can’t get outside for a walk. 🙂

      • Oh so true b/c I was also concurring with you about treadmills. I despise mine. You are so right miles go on forever on the “sucker” I refuse to pay too much money for one b/c it is my backup when it is subzero or the wonderful high winds are howling out here.

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