And It Starts All Over Again

Congress is back with some new people  and lots of the same old folks.   It appears that we can expect more of the same from them.   They are worse than children on a playground.  They have decided before they ever started they are not going to work together.    Unfortunately there is  no mother who will come out and tell them all to play together and expect it to happen.  Children will begrudging play together and maybe enjoy it a little as well.    No,  these folks in Congress seem to be driven by the big money that financed their campaigns not the people who elected them.

People don’t always agree with their friends, family, co-workers or neighbors.   Heck it may be even more than disagree, we may just plain not like some folks.   Yet somehow we all manage to work together at our employer, get together for family gatherings, and co-exist in our neighborhoods.   It frustrates me that our leaders may not have even come from the same society as the public who elected them.    To me, it appears they don’t understand that on the ground we all manage to work and live together.   In our workplace, neighborhoods and families we all know that there will be give and take; some of it just what we wished for and some painful.  Wouldn’t it be nice if our leaders would remember what it is like in the real world for the folks back home?   That was my Pollyanna moment.