Within My Power

DCA_BrushSet_Scrapbooking_GreatestWealthI have always been a plus-sized girl who has been fairly active.   This summer I seriously fell off the regular active lifestyle and exercise wagon and have gotten just nasty out of shape.  Even worse I am having trouble getting back into any routine of activity.   I am doing lots of occasional good activities but none of those day in, day out good health habits that I had in place.   I know that those active lifestyle habits have helped me keep my other health indicator numbers (BP, glucose, lipids) in the very good range, except for the scale.

At this moment I am really looking at myself and asking what changed, why now.   If you don’t figure out why or how you got there ultimately you will be right back there.   I have some ideas, but not sure that any one of them is the sole cause.  Folks can share with me how they did, or what this book, doctor, tv show or internet article says to do, but ultimately it is me and only me who can make a difference.

In the meantime I have made one achievable goal, and a few other things that I would like to change to work on.  My goal is SMART;  Specific, Measurable,Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.  I am working hard at keeping the goal.   I lived it through the holidays (it was likely an easier goal because it is an activity goal not a food goal).  As soon as I have done so for four weeks straight I will mark it up to life style change an make another another and another until I find good habits once again as natural as breathing.   Hopefully I will soon identify why I made this rotten change in my lifestyle and correct it, so I don’t end up back here again.

I want to get back living an active  lifestyle. I am not waiting until tomorrow, next week or new years.     If  mess up, I begin again immediately time is ticking.    I am working at achieving my goal.   I know it is within my grasp and only I can make it possible. I am not saying it is going to be easy, but it is within my power.

11 comments on “Within My Power

  1. I’m in the same boat. In January I decided it was time to do something and I’m taking it one step at a time. First went the coffee…..and the calories that went with it. Now I’m kicking the sugar….three weeks later. By March I want to be running three miles again but I’ll start by doing a mile….it’s about my needs and how to accomplish them.

  2. I’m in the same boat as you. I really relate when everyone barks in your ear about what you should do to get healthy when all you really want is encouragement. We already know what we need to do to get healthy.
    I’ll be thinking of you often! Congrats on the new you to come and if you need encouragement, I’m doing this right along with you!

  3. I’m a little better now than I was last year at this time, but wow, there’s such a long way to go! This post really strikes a chord with me ( and sounds like some others also). Maybe we could stay in touch and be a small (but effective) support group?

  4. You can ignore this if you like, but I’d like to share two things that really have helped me…

    1. Daily Mile http://www.dailymile.com/
    My daughter got me to join this free sight and it really keeps me motivated to walk, run or workout and keep my goals.

    2, Smoothie Shakedown http://smoothieshakedown.com/ I did this for two weeks…lost 7 pounds and I’ve kept 6 off, but it was a great jump start to eating better. I did not buy the supplements suggested, I just used whey protein powder from the health food store to make the shakes.

    I’m also thankful for my 3+ times a day walk to the chicken coop to take care of the chickens in rain or shine…snow or ice…it gets me out : )

    Hope it goes well for you and you achieve your goals…

  5. Me too! I started with a nice walk in the snow today, but didn’t do well with food choices. I have leftovers that I hate to throw out because I don’t like to waste food, so I ate it. Most of that food is gone now, so it should get better. I love healthy food, but it takes will power to lose all the comfort foods that my husband Lee likes! He is pretty good about eating whatever I fix, but I know he’d rather have something else. It’s time to make changes for My health!

  6. I have to get back to healthy eating again too. Put on 5 pounds just through the holidays. Can tell it in my breathing so that’s what motivates me. But so hard to get back on board.

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