Open to the Possibility with Eggplant

Our last Bountiful Basket included two eggplants.  Normally I make one of my favorites baba ghanoush, a Turkish dip.  Two eggplants challenged me to expand my horizons.  I am not opposed to eggplant, but I have had many eggplant Parmesan dishes that I have not liked.  For this reason I have shied against making it.   Today I decided to be open to the possibility I might like eggplant Parmesan if it wasn’t restaurant fare.

Friday is a meatless meal day for our household and it seemed like a great day to see if I would like a home-made version.  It turned out great and both my husband I  agreed it turned out much better than we had believed possible.   It is a keeper and we will make it again.   It just goes to show what happens when you are open to the possibilities.   Anything can happen.

Here is my method:

I sliced garlic and put it in a large skillet and cooked it until I infused my olive oil.  I removed the garlic slices.

Peel and slice an eggplant.   Beat a couple of eggs with a little milk.   Dip the sliced eggplant in the egg mixture and dredge it in a seasoned flour.  Place in breaded eggplant skillet with the oil.   Brown on both sides.

In a bowl while cooking the eggplant, mix a can of diced tomatoes, can of  tomato sauce (the can should be the same size as the can of tomatoes)  and a generous bunch of diced basil.

Put some of the tomato mixture in a square glass  pan, top with a layer of cooked eggplant.   Put a 1/4 thick slice of mozzarella on each slice eggplant, then top with freshly grated Parmesan and more of the tomato sauce.    Repeat until you have  used all the eggplant slices.

Bake for 45 minutes at 350.