Christmas Cookies Again

I used to be one of those who would make dozens of different cookie recipes each Christmas Season to give  away.   I would daily bake  a couple of different batches starting the day after Thanksgiving.   I would end up with hundreds of cookies of all sorts and varieties.   On December 15th I would bundle up my hand crafted treasures and give them away.   I would drive all over town to deliver my boxes of homemade goodies.     I would prepare 20 or so boxes and mail them all over the US.        I learned when I lived in Jewish neighborhoods how to make some of their traditional favorites to include in my collections.  No one was left out, friends and family alike were given a holiday treat box.    I wanted people to know I thought of them and they were important to me by giving them a gift of my heart and hands.      I followed that routine for years and enjoyed every minute of it.   Then about four years ago I got a job where the busiest season for them ran from Thanksgiving until the middle of January.   It made making all those cookies a chore and took all the fun out of it.   I finally gave it up.

I have spent lots of time this year re-evaluating things and decided that I enjoyed baking for gifts and am taking it back.  I still have my job, after all it affords me many things including the ability to afford the expenses associated with baking.   But I have decided that I used to like to bake and I am going to try it again.  If I stop baking it will be because it isn’t any fun any more not because my job has over taken my life.   So this weekend I am doing a two day marathon of baking.   I am not sure how many cookies it will yield, but I am going to allow myself two days of baking , and see how it goes.  I will keep you posted.

4 comments on “Christmas Cookies Again

  1. I know how much a job can fill up your time, but it’s doing the things you love that really matters. I hope you can revive the enjoyment you once got from baking.

  2. I’ve been “doing” trays of cookies for the neighbors for a few years, but decided this year to make Christmas cookies before the Thanksgiving weekend and swap with my daughters when we all met. Well neither Stephanie nor Becky were in Christmas mode, and I missed getting mine completed, so that fell by the wayside. Then my husband “tasted” the cookies as they were frosted and the whoopie pies are gone, the rugala (sp?) I’m hoarding, and the sugar cookies were frosted yesterday, and are about half gone today. I did find cane sugar at the store, and Stephanie found me my Mom’s recipe for soft peanut brittle, so there will probably be at least two future batches of sweets before Christmas. How are you doing, I’m looking forward to hearing how your two days of baking go.

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