A Moment in Time


I was driving home from town the other day and as I came up over a rise the view was spectacular.   There were low lying clouds that covered all the valley, fluffy white hiding all signs of human life; homes and roads.   The snow dusted mountains rose above the clouds and capturing the morning sun that created an almost gold cast.   I wished for a camera, but as I quickly drove off the rise the view changed and I knew it was one of those moments you had to be there to understand the beauty.  It happened to me again last week, when the sun rise was so on fire, more like a sunset than a sunrise.   I had to try to capture it as I headed out for a morning bike ride.   The photo almost looks phony and does it no justice.


There are some things you just need to be there to experience a sunrise, a sunset, a vista, a breeze, the sounds and even the smells can’t be captured and shared.    There are no words just as perfect as that moment.   There is no camera or painting that can do more than give you a glimpse into that moment.   Yet we continue to try.   We write.  We capture the image on screens, paper and canvas.     We do it knowing that the people we share it with will never be able to experience that moment just as we did.


That is no reason not to continue to try.  The desire to share pushes us to write better, have a better eye, and communicate using more of our senses.   Our audience will never experience that sunrise as we did, but we can paint a picture that their imagination can finish.   It will be perfect in their mind.   Many will never make it to the west to see mountains that never lose their snow, but the image you share can allow them to travel in their mind and dream of what it must be like.    Though each ocean, lake and river are as different  as the grains of sand or rocks that make their shore, by painting a picture with words and color others may be able to hear the surf and spell the water.


So as we all blog and look at our work and wonder did I capture it right, I say yes.   You did if you transport one person to the perfect place in their mind.  It may be a dream or it may be a memory.   No matter which a vacation for our present is always a gift.