You Can Stop Calling Me!

Last weekend I sat down with my absentee ballot and figured out exactly who I was going to vote for and what ballot initiatives I was going to support.   It was nice as I was the only one  at home and I was able to look at the booklets, website, voting records and everything I needed to sort out the propaganda and sound bites.   I take voting serious and usually take my cheat sheet with me to the booth because there is too much on a ballot to remember all the things I need or want to keep in my mind.  My friend called voting with an absentee ballot  like an open-book test, maybe so, but I am sure I passed.

This morning my completed ballot went into the mail box.  Now I wish I had a button on my phone so I could send out information to the pollsters that my ballot was cast and I have no intention of sharing any information with them.   Asking me how I vote is sort of like asking me how much I weigh.   Neither of them are any of their business.    I have never given them any information, but now that I am done, I wish that there was a way to let them know they can stop calling me.   Some how I don’t imagine that will happen.