Salvation Army of Food

Sometimes I think of our house as the Salvation Army of food.   I say that because our friends seem to share not only their garden’s abundance they can’t use but those things that they get, they are not sure what to do with.   My close friends know that I grew up in a home where we ate lots of small game that have never ate.   They seem to think with this background that there is nothing that I can’t cook.

Case in p0int every year we can depend on  our friends who purchased a 4H hog to give us  pork hocks.   It seems to them that pork hocks are just unimaginable for use.  I on the other hand have no problems with hocks.   Unlike the hocks you would find in a grocery store these are large, wonderfully smoked and meaty.   We turn out the standard fare Senate navy bean soup and a Caribbean bean black bean soup that can’t be beat.  Sometimes there is enough good smoked pork to make scalloped potatoes on one of those hocks.

Two days ago our 4H hog buyer  gave us  pork neck bones.   This cut of meat is not something you find every day at your supermarket or local butcher shop. Even I was a little befuddled as to what one does with this.   I ended up cooking them all day in the crock pot.   Then I deboned the meat and made with a red lentil and yam soup.   It was pronounced a keeper by husband.     It was a North African recipe and had a bit of feel of a curry.   I served it the next day to a guest for lunch.   It was a nice the second time around.

Thanks to my mom who would cook anything my dad brought home.  Thanks to my granny who said eat one bite of it, you don’t yet know if you don’t like it fixed this way.   Thanks to my grandma who cooked Sunday night dinner every week with new recipes from your cookbook collection.   You made me the broad-minded, adventuresome cook I am today.


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