Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

One of the many snapshots I took. This was taken in Glacier National Park.

It has been a long time since I have traveled much for my job.   In my previous corporate life I traveled frequently.   That travel took me to cities across the country. Recently I have been traveling lots for my job.  It has taken me no further than the edges of the state of Montana.

One of the amazing things about Montana is that so wide that in a single state you go from the wide open prairies across the mountains to the other side of the continental divide.   On the far north side is the “Crown of the Continent”  Glacier National Park, and on the southern edge is the thermal wonder Yellowstone National Park.   We have badlands that will compete with some of the best in Makoshika State Park.

Being on business, traveling with others , time commitments to keep, and not being on my own dime, kept me from stopping as much as I wanted to.   I wanted to pull out my camera, and wished for time to get get that perfect shot.  I looked down roads and wondered what I would find with a little detour.   I wanted to walk out in the the landscape, lay down and listen to the wind, take deep breaths and smell the world at that moment.  Instead I have add a few more places that I need to go back to and spend some more time at.