A New Challenge Collard Greens

Regular basket for this week.

This week my Bountiful Basket included lots of fun goodies and only one of them may me think hmmmmm.   Collard greens.   I have never made or even tasted them in my entire life to my knowledge.   So I will be searching for a recipe on the net.    My husband said he is sure that Paula Deen has something that will use them with lots of bacon and butter.  Those two fats can make anything yum!

This week I ended up with a “conventional basket” (non organic).   I really feel like I got quite a stash for only $15.  Look at the picture to see how much produce we ended up with.

I am discovering it really is quite a challenge to get all my fruit ate.   Last week my DH had to bring a treat to work and he made a banana cake with a white cake mix.   We still ended up freezing a few mashed banana’s and now we start again.   We did freeze some cauliflower as well.

Tonight we ate a leftovers with homemade Margaritas on the rocks.  So we started already on the limes.   I grilled some mixed veggies as well. So started on basket even on the first day.   Tomorrow  will start menu planning to work on getting meals that utilize as much of our stash as possible.   I am not a honeydew melon eater so will likely share that with others.  Two English cukes is a lot and so will send one of those on as well.    Beyond that even if I am gone for three days lets hope that we can get through this all before we need to decide if we are in or out for the next box.

Let the next two weeks  journey into healthful eating start.

8 comments on “A New Challenge Collard Greens

  1. That is a beautiful dipslay of fall vegetables! I love that you have something of every color- that is a good indication of how healthy your diet is. As for the collard greens, I would make a vegetable soup (or chicken, depending on your mood) and add a bunch of your basket bounty to it. Celery, carrots and onions make a good base. Then you can add anything else you have.

  2. Hey sis, you are right about the collards. All greens whether it be collards, turnip or mustard require bacon, bacon grease, fat back or hog jowels. Might have something to do with health problems in the south. Can’t stand them but made some sort of greens all the time when the kids were home. But you’re right. I bet Paula probably has a bitch’n receipe

      • Sis, I forwarded a receipe that is the same as I make. Collards down south usually served with white rice,black eyed peas and sweet corn bread. This is what is known as hoppin’ john. Everybody eats it at New Years for good luck. Maybe that’s my problem. Ineed to start eating my collards. I eat the rest of it.

  3. That looks familiar, lol. I also picked up this weeks bountiful basket today, its my 2nd weekend. Even with a family of 5 I find it hard to get through some of the items. And then I did silly things like getting a case of peaches last week and a case of apples and strawberries this week;) Keeps me busy and definitely challenges me to find recipes to accommodate all the foods.

    • I can see some canning, dehydrating or freezing in your future. There are only two of us and I often wish I could find someone to split some of those cases three or four ways. I keep thinking about making some jams, but so far I have let work get in the way.

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