Smoke And More Smoke

Once again today we are socked in with thick smoke.   It comes from wildland fires miles away, but settles in our valley.  Some days less, more often so thick that you can’t see a half a mile away.    Today is another one of those days;  visibility is less than a quarter of a mile, ash is falling and coating everything and the Montana Department of Environmental Quality says our air is very unhealthy.  It is so bad in southwestern Montana that many outdoor activities have been canceled, including Friday night sports.

Like so many Montanans I am  looking forward to winter.   Not because I relish an early winter, but because most  days this fall have been covered in smoke.   In the snow and cold I can put on more clothing, but in air this smokey you can not really do anything but stay indoors.  And like so many it quickly drives me nuts to be confined inside.   So if my choice is smoke or snow I say bring on the snow!

3 comments on “Smoke And More Smoke

  1. Oh, how awful. We were out in Colorado earlier this year during the Fort Collins fire (AND a lightning strike that lit a blaze a ridge over from where we were staying), and each night when the wind turned back up the mountains, it reeked of campfire.

  2. I am so with you on the smoke. It just gets depressing and stifling..we were fairly clear this morning and then the wind changed directions and now we have heavy smoke. The Mustang fire is only 18% contained, but they are estimating it to be out by the end of this month. Ummm peeps, that is only 15 days away! Fifteen days of above average temps, wayyyyyy below average precipitation. As this fire has been burning since July, I’m thinking we are gonna have smoke until Thanksgiving at the rate Mother Nature is treating us! 😦

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