9 for 9

Yesterday was the first day that all our hens have laid.   The last two of this year’s hens have now laid their first eggs.   Nine hens, nine eggs.  Brahma chickens are very slow to develop and this year I have two in my flock.   I was not sure if they were going to lay before the snow flies.

This is a fun time for us, with nine hens laying we have more eggs than we can possibly eat. It is that time of the year that we find ourselves giving eggs to everyone.   It is lots of fun to give them to folks who remember farm fresh eggs of their youth.   I get to share them with friends and co-workers who are trying to eat healthier and with fewer nasties in their food chain.   I get to repay the kindness others have shown or the aid they have provided to us in a very simple, but hopefully meaningful way.

People ask  why don’t I sell eggs.  First because I keep a small flock.   It is only in the summer and when my hens spend most of their days out do I have a flock large enough to support extra eggs. Come winter my flock will be downsized to only six and shorter days will slow laying production.   Second and most of all  because I find joy in being able to give a dozen now and then away.  I get more back by giving away some eggs than those few bucks will ever make on my life.


8 comments on “9 for 9

  1. Nice that you are getting your eggs now. Ours are still sporadic as the summer weather is only starting to cool down. Its still between 39-41 degrees C and the hens don’t lay in the heat! But the ones we bought four months ago, when they were 10 weeks old, are now starting to lay. We had one very small egg, half the size of our regular eggs, which are half the size of the eggs you get!!! So you can imagine how small they are!!! When we do get a lot of eggs they go to the other people in our family. And I agree that giving them away feels much better than selling them!!!

    • I know when they first start laying some of the eggs are smaller than quail eggs. Had not really thought about how small they were until I was on holiday in the big city and visited and Asian grocery and saw quail eggs for sale. I had a good laugh when one of my friends told me that they had to work up to full size!

    • Come short days and cold nights my ladies slow down. One year at the end of January we had to buy a dozen eggs. Those only got used in recipes. Our precious ones were saved for us to eat. I am hoping that the ones who stay with me for the winter can keep us stocked.

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