One Week Down – Update on Use of My Bountiful Basket

As promised here is an update on how we are doing with our first “Bountiful Basket.”

  • Chard – half gone.  We had it saute with sweet onions, garlic and finished with a splash of white wine.
  • cauliflower – Cleaned,  but yet to be served
  • green onions – half gone, served as part of a veggie tray
  • carrots (full sized) – on tonight’s dinner menu oven roasted, with a butter, honey and balsamic vinegar glaze
  • iceberg lettuce – half gone, two salads, on sandwiches  and a Mexican meal.
  • Chicory – been in salads, still have plenty left
  • broccolini  – on tonight’s menu as well
  • ginger gold apples – not yet
  • white nectarines – all gone, ate for breakfast.   These were probably the most disappointing in our basket.  They got soft on the outside and stayed hard in the middle.
  • peaches – breakfast food, only 2 left.  Fantastic taste.
  • watermelon – 2/3 gone.  Took it to office pot luck.


 case of tomatoes  – 1/2 gone, made fire-roasted salsa, served in salads, and made an Italian grilled veggies one night and a gallon of crock-pot marina sauce.

pepper pack (green and red bells, onions, garlic, dried ancho, and smoked jalapeno (chipolte).   salsa, grilled veggies, veggie tray, salads, only 1/2 of one red and green left, onions, garlic gone, one chipolte left and two anchos left.

I think we are doing pretty good for just the two of us. Both of us agree that this has forced our hand to eat better.  Our meals are more complete.  The idea we are able to eat organic, that is pretty special to us.  We are doing better on the fruit than we thought we would.  I will menu plan the rest of next week and blanch and freeze up what I think  may go to waste.  Am I going to do it again?   You betcha!

5 comments on “One Week Down – Update on Use of My Bountiful Basket

  1. I’m hoping to do a co-op next spring, but really do worry about eating everything. I worked on an organic farm once and they did a co-op and I was like “what exactly does one do with that much fennel?”. It was nice to see a breakdown of how you are using all the stuff.

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