New Produce Source

Organic Basket shared by Rachel S @ Bountiful Baskets

I am excited as a friend of mine introduced me to a new produce source.  Bountiful Baskets Co-op.   It is sort of funny because on my last road trip I was asking a co-worker about co-ops.  Suddenly another friend hooks me up with one for food.

This is a buying co-op.  Where members commit and prepay for a  produce basket.  A limited amount of other produce and bread products are also available.   The co-op then purchases in bulk  and has a truck the make the route to distribute the goods.   Local co-op volunteers arrive early, meet the truck and divide up the produce sent for members.  One of the things you do when you join is purchase a basket for the co-op.   This is used to help the volunteers with their task of dividing up produce.   Members show up at a designated time, and pick up their produce.

This week was my first week to participate. I ordered the organic basket.  The photo is what I got.  I am so excited, and looking forward to  fresh produce.   Already my husband and I are talking about how this will give us the impetus to try new veggies.  We also talked about how good we are with eating vegetables, maybe not enough variety, but we do eat lots of them.   We are terrible about eating fruit and with 50% of the basket being fruit it will be a challenge for us to get it all eaten in two weeks.   We have been kicking around ideas on how we might prepare our fruits.

Here is what we got in our organic basket:

  • Chard – which we already eat, and we are planning trying it a couple new ways and with the lamb we are having.
  • cauliflower
  • green onions
  • carrots (full sized)
  • iceberg lettuce (I haven’t had that in ages)
  • Chicory (new one for me)
  • broccolini ( I have had broccoli but never this, internet here I come)
  • ginger gold apples
  • white nectarines
  • peaches
  • watermelon

I also bought a case of tomatoes and a pepper pack (green and red bells, onions, garlic, dried ancho, and smoked jalapenos (chipolte).   I am thinking fresh salsa, and maybe some gazpacho.

I will try to blog about my adventures with this process as I volunteer, get additional baskets, learn to use new veggies and eat more fruit.


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