Finding Greatness

I did not watch the Olympics, not one minute so I missed this commercial.   It has sparked all kinds of controversy, and either you think it is OK or you don’t.  You think it exploitative, or you think it inspirational.   I am not going to change your mind, and I am not going to try to.

The first time I saw this commercial the first thing that caught me was the voice. It was the kind of voice you could not help but notice and listen.    I listened to the first couple sentences. I was hooked.   Eventually  I saw was a person come in to view  with an imperfect body and external flaws I could not  help but notice.  He was running, reinforcing the message that the voice was delivering.  Greatness is not something given to us but in us.

I like it works for me.  I am seeking my personal greatness.


One comment on “Finding Greatness

  1. I haven’t heard any of the controversy about it, but I agree – the commercial really spoke to me. Perhaps not in the way Nike intended (i.e. get off my butt and go for a jog – hell, I already have a workout regimen), but I think the message speaks to a much bigger concept that many people I know and love are striving towards.

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