August in the High Country

August in the high country is nothing like August of the Midwest.   Growing up, August in northern Illinois was really just an extension of summer.   It is full of hot days and nights nearly as hot.  It seemed that even if the the first day of summer was in July, it got only hotter in August.    Even as children we sought relief in shade, playing in sprinklers and eating frozen Popsicles. I remember you did not think summer was on its way out until you heard the cicadidae making the sounds that came only after the hottest days of summer and the days were getting shorter.

At our place August is the month that really is the transition between summer and autumn.   Already the days belong to summer and the nights are become very fall like.    During the day you may want to wear sleeveless tops and shorts enjoying those hot summer temps, but at night keep the blankets close by.   Last week it was in the 40’s one night, though I had no hint of that during the day.  I was snuggling up to my husband who just a few weeks ago was telling me don’t touch me it is too hot.

August in Montana is also prime fire season.   What little rain we get  has long since stopped.   The grasses in lawns have gone dormant, and the rangeland plants are cured to tinder dry.  We start to get dry thunderstorms and with that we see more fires starts.    Our fire season with the drought has come early and it is hard to believe with all that has burnt already we are just enter the start of the traditional season.     Some of the fires that start now may only really be gone once the snow starts to fly.

August may be the only month that is completely in the season of summer, but for me it is a bit of an oxymoron month.  August can’t really decided if it is summer or autumn and so it splits its time between both seasons.

One comment on “August in the High Country

  1. I can totally relate to this. Living in Idaho I understand what you are talking about. I love Autumn. Lots of fires right now in my state. Alot of smoke in the valley that I live in. Hoping for sufficient snowfall this winter. Have a great week. Debra in the Garden “pulling weeds”. 🙂

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