Already Losing Daylight

The first day of summer is my least favorite day of the year.  It is the pivotal day when the days will only get shorter from here on out.  It is true for everyone, but often people don’t realize it.   Twilight last forever and that is what so many of us see as part of each day.

We notice changes  almost immediately because the sun comes up over the ridge behind our house and shines through the mini-blinds into faces in our bedroom each morning.   We also notice the sun’s movement.   As we move toward winter the sun moves from its summer location almost due east of our bedroom to a location much further south. How the sun shines in the face changes almost daily each day.

The sunsets also move further south with each day.   I never noticed it when I lived on the prairies.   Living in Montana, the mountains to the west have so many landmarks you can’t help but notice.

I don’t get blue and harp on it each day, but it does remind me to use my days wisely.  Warm days are numbered.   I live in a northern temperate climate and winter will come. Enjoy…Embrace…Time is short.   For the season; for life.


One comment on “Already Losing Daylight

  1. Powerful post, thanks for sharing these thoughts. Life is short & I’m grateful God has given me contact with you to make it more pleasant & enjoyable!!

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