Ok, I don’t dress like this but the wind blows here like this! My wind is not as bad as some places in Montana where it is known to blow semi-trucks over, but it is an ever-present element of life here.     We live in a valley with small mountains on both sides.   The geography and convection of the warming of the air all  contribute to the ever-present howl of the wind.

Today it was worse than normal.    It came out of the south bringing with it warm temps.    It tossed around the old-fashion metal lawn chairs. It pulled up more shingles on our roof that is currently scheduled to be replaced this summer.  It tugged at our newly planted trees and dried out our pasture from parched to bone dry.

Because wind is omniscient; I don’t think much about it.   Today  I watched the weather showing the fires in other states and say my prayers that we have none here.   This wind would carry the slightest fire for miles.   Looking at what others are struggling with I am thankful my wind has nothing to work with.



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