My Helper

When I laid tile the other day, my cat was right there.  This is the cat who generally refuses to be in the same room as me.    I was running short on spacers and she worked hard to pull them out and scoot them around the room.   It was like play to her, but oh such hard work, because the we picked them up and she was destined to start all over again.

Later she decided to nap on the open boxes of tiles.   I  had three boxes open as I rotated between them to ensure no problems with colors.  She would move each time I pushed her out when I needed a tile from that box.  By the time I was ready for another box, she already was pretending to sleep in the next box.

It was a purr-fect day for her to be in the middle of everything, and me to get a project one step closer to being chalked up as done.


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