Tile Down

Using my quilting rulers to ensure my reference lines are squareI am happy to report that the tile is all laid in my studio space.

I marked the floor using my favorite quilting rulers.   These allow me to make sure all the reference lines are square.   They were perfect for allowing me to measure those edge pieces to get just the right size.  I know the pros use chalk lines, but pencil and  Omnigrid for me.   My reference lines don’t smudge away, and I know I am square with the world.

I was reminded when laying tile that I hate rooms where the last tile you lay, aka exit is the middle of the room.   It forces you to lay it in halves, which I don’t have patience for, or the last few tiles you lay are the first you see and the ones with the final fudge factor, and it can’t be hidden by molding.   It wasn’t too bad, reference lines are suppose to make it perfect but after laying tiles in four of our homes, a center door is just a sucky way to finish for me.

Now the wait is on.   For floors in the basement or walkout I wait a good two or three days for everything to dry and cure before I walk on it and start to think about grouting the room.  There are definitely a couple of flaws, what DIY person doesn’t know where theirs are on every project.   But I am not going to point them out to you, it was a good project.  A great sense of accomplishment and some bucks saved.

Step one done!

Step one done!



3 comments on “Tile Down

  1. It looks beautiful! I think I might use that pattern when I redo my bathroom next month. What size spacers did you use? I hate it when the grout is too wide (i.e. more surface to get dirty).

  2. That looks really good! I love how skills in one area can cross over into another! Nice job! You could come here and teach our local tilers how to do the job properly!!! Nothing is ever ‘finished’! Drives me nuts. Needless to say when it comes to building our farm we will do most of it ourselves, or supervise very carefully!!!!

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