DIY is Never as Fast or Easy as We Plan

This weekend our plan was to tile on Saturday and grout it later on Sunday. We have done many a floor in tile, so much so that we own a wet saw for tiling.    I am a quilter and love to work with patterns, be it in fabric or tile.

This project was to finish up a room we had worked on ten years ago when we installed heat in the room.   At that time we picked a pattern and what we felt would be neutral lasting colors for the hearth under the gas stove.   We were not sure if the room would be finished with carpet or tile.  We wanted our work to be flexible for whatever our choices were when we were able to finally finish the room.

The time has come to finish the room.  We decided that the best choice on concrete slab sub-surface was tile rather than carpet, even if the room had carpet when we bought our place    So we were on a mission to find a tile that would work with those laid ten years ago.  I drew out a pattern that would work with the hearth.      We then spent lots of time finding a tile that will work with  what we were so sure would be easy in the future.  It wasn’t quite as easy as we had planned.

I started to lay out the grid  in my planned pattern Saturday morning using the actual tiles.  The quilter in me screamed not working, this is permanent make changes now!!!   I then started pulling out more tiles and shifting my pattern.  Nothing was working.   Then we took some old smaller tiles and inserted them and suddenly we had  the “right” pattern.   Now we had a new chore.   We needed to cut some of our tiles down into 4×4 pieces.    A new step  has been introduced and we were slowed down.   We have all the pieces cut except for the edges and are ready to rock and roll.   Sunday is a new day, I think today will be the day.


2 comments on “DIY is Never as Fast or Easy as We Plan

  1. There is always something unexpected when you take on a project like this. The difference is that if you had hired someone, you would be putting more money into it as well as time. Of all the projects my husband and I have taken on, we are the only ones who notice any minor defects and the end result is extremely satisfying. Good luck finishing it up!

  2. I totally get the ‘pattern’ thing. I find the same thing when I am creating a website or blog theme. Or even when writing and adding images! There is a feeling I get when I hit the right colour/writing/image combination. The same with knitting and beading. Something ‘niggles’ until I get it right. For me it has to do with energy, although I don’t know why. Something to do with harmonious energies, everything adding to the overall visual/kinesthetic completeness. Totally important if you have to live with for years!!!!

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