The Library Never Closes

The holiday weekend here is providing terrible weather.   We started with snow on Friday and it is still coming down.   Not like winter snow, but it is damp, overcast and cold.    It makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book.

I have a collection of books on my Kindle, but tonight I want a quick easy read.   Nothing seems to be what I want.    I am looking for one of those pulp fiction novels you buy at rummage sales or Goodwill.   The freebies on Amazon are not fitting the bill for my mood.    Of course it is Sunday night and our local library is closed, it is late and many businesses are closed for the holiday weekend.

Enter my library’s electronic option.   Even in Montana many of our libraries have an electronic collection.  Tonight I signed in to library browsed the ebook collection.   I found something that met my wish for reading material tonight.  Two minutes later it is on my Kindle and the hot water is boiling.

I hope that everyone who reads this blog takes a look at their library’s electronic collection.   If you have a reader, you may be able to check out ebooks.   If you like audio books, your library will  have a great collection available to you.   I am guessing your system is likely as sophisticated as the one that many the rural libraries in Montana share.   It supports all sorts of formats in ebooks, not just the Kindle and Nook, but many other generic readers.   Audio books can be downloaded to iPods, MP3 players, your computer media players and more.     I can check out books anytime, the library does not have to open.   Libraries are not dead, and full of dusty old books, they are changing to meet our reading habits.  Check it out.

3 comments on “The Library Never Closes

  1. I enjoy reading on my Kindle as well. I never thought I would give up the feel of a paperback, but there are times when it is so much more convenient. Like waiting for a hair or doctors appt- I just pull it out and can read my book instead of a tabloid. As for the elibrary- I love the idea that I can still borrow “books”. And it is so easy to do from the comfort of home- like you point out , when the library is closed.

  2. Wow, weather like that at the end of May? is that normal for Montana??? I have never bought a kindle because I love paper!!! I have loved it since I was a child. But you have convinced me to get a kindle. I think it was the image of being curled up with the book and the tea that did it!!! Oh…and freebies!

    • Yes, where I am at in Montana a couple of good snows late May or early June is not at at all unheard of, and probably more the norm. I still love paper best, when it comes to books, I have shelves of books in paper I will never get rid of and will read again and again. I still keep a paperback or two around for reading in the tub. But have come to realize that I now love my Kindle as well. I read more now that I have an ereader, and I was a huge reader before. I am never without a book as when I walk out of the house my Kindle is slipped in my purse. No more “People” magazine at the dentist or at the hair salon. I also now prefer my Kindle when I read in bed, for me it is lighter and easier to manage. I never imagined I be this way about my Kindle, I held off for a long time for the same reasons as you.

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