Broody Birds

Two of our hens have gone broody.   What this means is that they think their biological clock is ticking and they should hatch a batch of chicks.   They sit on a nest box for days, getting up only long enough to drink and eat a little.   They stop laying, because what is the point if they are going to hatch a brood of chicks.

This would be good if I wanted some baby chicks.  But I don’t keep a rooster, so I obviously don’t want baby chicks.   This year’s baby chicks are still growing and haven’t yet started to lay.   I don’t need any more of this waiting and more waiting.   The fact that the two girls have stopped laying does not endear them to me.   I have tried to break the cycle by picking them up several times a day and carrying them out of the nest boxes.   My hens don’t normally try to spend the night in a next box, but this broody cycle they have started trying to do so.   I have taken to put wood over the boxes try to stop this all.   So far no luck.   We are still in a battle of wills.


2 comments on “Broody Birds

  1. I wish my hens would do this! I do want chicks! but I can understand why it is irritating for you. Maybe you can hatch some for friends? or sell some? 🙂

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