Two Fewer Chicks

LeRoy the little Roo

No they did not meet with an unfortunate demise or pack it off to freezer camp.  I ended up with two bantam chicks of my favorite chicken breed.  This year I was twice as careful at the farm store even asking if the sign was correct since this happened last year.  Contrary to assurances the sign Buff Brahma, straight run was indeed correct this year,  it wasn’t.   To make matters worse we ended up with a hen and a roo.    Roos are harder to get rid of than a hen.

This roo was a handsome fella, quite personable and growing on us by the day.  I knew the Buffs  had to go soon.   Bantams were not going to make a great Sunday dinner so it was time for Craig’s list.    I put them on at 7am and by 3 I had a taker.   I am not sure how I got so lucky, but they are gone and I did not have to do the deed to send them to freezer camp.



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