Tom Cat

Tom Cat is one of the most awesome fellas I know.  He is a huge tomcat, a mega huge tomcat.  Tom turned up one day at my husband’s office years ago and has since  become a permanent fixture.     He greets the first person in the office each day ready to be let in for the day.   He spends his day moving from desk to person to desk to person, eventually finding a warm place to curl up and nap the day away.  Tom attends weekly staff meetings, though he is known to turn up late and move around the room, with no regard for who is speaking  boss or not.  At the end of the day the last person in the office is responsible for putting the cat out.   Now have no fear Tom has assorted barns and outbuildings along with his own staff provided cat house with heated bed in the winter.   No one imagined when he turned up all those years ago he would be come a beloved fixture of the office, but Tom Cat has become an office mascot of sorts.


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