I’ve got a rooster!

One of this year’s chicks at almost immediately started looking like a rooster.   By week 3 there was no question I had a rooster.   I still have several others that some days I would swear are male and other days I am not so sure.   Today at the two month mark I heard my first cock-a-doodle-do!   It was a very sad crow, but it was a place to start from.   Yep I have a rooster!


5 comments on “I’ve got a rooster!

  1. We have a bantam hen who is 8 or 9 years old. She began crowing like a rooster about two years ago when our old papa rooster died. Since then, she has developed thicker foot fringe, a slightly larger and much darker comb. I guess she’s lost most of her female hormones due to her advanced age?? She still lays about one egg every two months. Clearly, we keep her as a pet, not as a layer…

    And yes, your young fella is quite a handsome guy.

  2. I found your blog when you “liked” my son’s blog “Thoughts from the Road”. I loved the cat cartoon, but I really got interested when I saw that you blog about your chickens. I still have to read them all, but I will become a regular on your site. Hubby and I are considering getting some chickens. 🙂

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