Crabby Abby Singing the Blues

This week I have altered between singing the blues and being my version of “Crabby Abby.”  We all get that way now and then.   When it happens to me everyone and thing irritates me.

It is no fun and none of my reactions make me feel any better.  No one, not my dog, cat, husband, job, friends have changed, just my reaction to what was perfectly acceptable yesterday and last week.     All of them want the aliens who took the regular me to hurry back to earth and swap out this nasty self-center witch.

I have tried all sorts of things over the years to help shake this and most without much success.  I am convinced it is part of it is me and my natural biorhythms.  I have tried all the usual exercise…food…sleep…shopping…none do the trick.  The logical me tries to shake me out of this, reminding me how lucky I am to have a job, food, clothing, loving family, choices, and so many more blessings.   It is does not change or improve my funk.

So I play a little waiting game, trying the usual stuff again, listening to the analytical me trying to get me again moving forward and eventually I do.  Lets hope it happens before the animals run away, my husband strangles me, or I lose my job. No one likes the new me, not even me.



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