Cold Frame or Mini-greenhouse

Last year we made frames from PVC to put over our raised beds to protect what little we can grow from the birds.   Now I am trying to figure out how I can make up to make a cold frame or a mini-green house that would utilize my frames and extend my growing season.

I fight with two elements at my house.  Wind that howls and frost that can happen almost all year long.   It makes growing things a challenge and any building or protection system a challenge.  Thank heavens for the internet it provides lots of fodder for thought.


2 comments on “Cold Frame or Mini-greenhouse

  1. A few years ago my husband extended our growing season by using a cold frame. Built from lumber with some old window frames for the top (they used to have glass, but over time that has been replaced with gardener’s plastic). The windows are hinged so we can prop them open on warmer days and also are able to water the plants. Right now he has various herbs, lettuce greens, spinach and swiss chard in there. We should be able to harvest some by the end of the month. In the fall, he does the same thing and we keep getting fresh salads until Thanksgiving.

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