A Box Full of Layers

All our six layers are all laying right now.  This is when having chickens is the most fun.   You go out and find hens bickering over getting into the boxes to lay.  Sometimes you will find two hens in a single box both wanting to lay.   It is a hoot to see them jockeying around in the box to get the right seat to lay that egg, that is quite impossible when  sharing space. Today I went out and found the hen, we call Lucy, walking backing and forth in front of the nest boxes cursing the other birds and carrying on because none of the girls busy laying were willing to leave.

I use checking eggs as that break from work that gets me up and away from the desk.  When they are all laying I take more breaks.   A quick walk outside, and the likelihood that I will find an egg or two makes the perfect way to regroup, find your focus to get back down on task when you come inside.


One comment on “A Box Full of Layers

  1. I just found your blog, and am enjoying the stories. I visited Montana about 20 years ago, and would love to see it again someday!

    My six hens act exactly the same! Our only “issue” is that they all demand to use the same box, even though I have three nice, private boxes to lay in! I, too, have watched mine pacing back and forth. Occasionally, one will just give up and lay on the floor of the hen house. It is a hoot! I always go to check on mine around 10:30 every morning, scoop the poop from the other two nesting boxes (they call them “bedrooms”), and collect six beautiful eggs. My hens just became old enough to lay in late March. I consistently get 3 large and 3 Xl eggs every day. About once a week I get a mega-jumbo egg that is a double-yolker!

    Keep the great posts coming!

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