Darkest Hour

A dear cousin of my dad’s husband has been on a transplant list for what seems like forever.  The prayers of families and friends were answered yesterday when he received his new liver.   Medicine has made such strides that I personally know another person who received a liver transplant and a co-worker’s granddaughter received at heart transplant before she became 13.   Transplants are not the rare medical procedure of years past.  You hear of transplants of so many organs all the time.

What you don’t hear much about are those giving families who in their darkest hours give the gift of life.    I can not image what the family goes through.   Donors are usually folks who die a traumatic death, so that a long illness does not take a toll on the organs.   Donor families don’t have a long time to think about their decision or to adjust to the loss of their family member.   Even harder in my mind is knowing that you can not hold your loved one’s hand while they take their last earthly breath.   The loved one will die in the company of strangers in a sterile operating room who stand by to harvest their organs as their final gift to others.   It brings tears to my eyes when I think about the family’s strength and generous spirit. There are no words that can express the gratitude of the families who you will likely never know, how you touched our lives.   Not only is your loved one in heaven, but they are holding a spot for you because of your selfless gift.  ~ God Bless You ~

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