10 for 10

This year I bought ten baby chicks and all ten have made it through week 3.   This has never happened to me before.     The chicks are now in various stages of feathering out.   It is way to early to tell, but I am beginning to bet I have a Silver Lace Wyandotte rooster.    Statistically in ten there should be two roosters.   I have consistently beat the odds in prior years so if I am really unlucky this year I will end up with more than my fair share this year.

Today I put an empty stock tank in our little shed with the hopes of moving the chicks out to it next week.   It is the high country in Montana and next week is still going to be in the teens and 20’s.  One night they are even predicting snow.   So that move outside may have to be postponed, even if I do hang two heat lamps to keep them warm.


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