Good Dog

Dogs and chickens don’t always mix.   Fortunately for me my dog is indifferent to chickens.   He can go out  in the yard with my free ranging chickens and is totally disinterested.  I have many pictures of him surrounded the flock of hens.

This is Harley’s second year with us and his second spring with baby chicks.   He is always such a good boy with them.  He will spend hours sitting outside the chick’s brooder, watching them darting from one end to the other, and then falling asleep.     I don’t doubt for a minute that if one got loose it would be a tasty morsel he will swallow whole.  In spite of that possibility I continue to allow him to come with me when I check on the chicks.   I hope that this will reinforce his indifference to chickens and hence baby chicks.   I am also hoping that this will make for a successful integration of these chicks not only in to the existing flock, but with our dog when they all run free in the yard.


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