The debate is over.   Today I got ten chicks.   We were out of town and the farm store had enough of what I was thinking of getting to make up a clutch for this year.  It wasn’t the perfect  flock, but it will do.  Gas here is $3.39 a gallon and the idea of a 2nd trip, both in time and money just seemed silly to not buy today if I could make do.

I paid for them upon arrival in the big city, that allowed them to hold them for me, while did my shopping.  I went back and picked them up just as we left town.   I committed one of the sins of baby chicks, I did not have everything all set up for them before I bought them.   That first week is the most critical to their survival and the set up you have can make such a difference.

But this is not my first time through this so I got out my hose, turned on the water and rinsed down the necessary supplies for my new babies when I got home.   With in a half hour we had them set up and in the  brooder.   Several hours have passed and they look to be settling in well.

For those of you who are in to chicks, we got the following:

  • Australorp
  • Dominque
  • 2 Silver laced Wyandotte, my star breed from last year
  • 2 buff Brahmas
  • 2 dark Brahmas
  • 2 speckled Sussex.

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