New Shoes

When I was growing up there was always a new outfit for Easter, complete with hat, gloves, little purse and of course shoes.   I think that this is the reason that I have a love affair with shoes.  I think spring is a great time to get new shoes, in particular athletic shoes.  It is the time that many of us move from indoor to outdoor training.   It is the time that winter runners look at all the nasties that their shoes have picked up by being relentless in their sport.  Spring is the time that many who have taken a winter hiatus get ready to strap back on their running or walking shoes.

I have been dragging my feet about moving from indoor training to outdoor training.   I hate biting winds, and we have plenty of them…cold biting winds.    They keep me on that nasty treadmill long after others have moved outside.   Finally yesterday I started an outside walk that I did not pansy out on and finished it.   Along with that walk on the wild side came a closer look at my shoes.   My current walkers are not dead, but they are my only pair left. It is time to find a new pair and start the break in process.

Yep spring is here a perfect time for new shoes!


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