Writer Within?


I have always thought that there was a writer within me.   When I was in the second grade my teacher, Mrs. Kromhroy, inspired my fantasy to become an author.   It was that year that I wrote my first book, complete with illustrations.   The book is long since gone, and I am not even sure of the plot  anymore. I can tell you without a doubt that the main character, Chrissy, lived in a house that looked like a huge mushroom. What I don’t remember illustrates why becoming a writer is still just a fantasy, developing a memorable story still eludes me.

One summer I spent researching  a book that never got written.  I read lots of non-fiction about live on the frontier of  South Dakota.   I even took a road trip with a friend to see an abandon orphanage that sat on the wide open prairies of South Dakota.  I took pictures and explored that building and other homesteads long since vacated by families who had moved on.      The pictures  hung above my desk for years to help me visualize my story and inspiration of those who had lived there.

I have belonged to writers group, participated in workshops, took classes at the U and had my work critiqued.  I stumbled then as I do now with that magical plotting outline.   I know the primary characters like they are my best friends; knowing their faults, strengths and deepest wishes.   I know what the conflict is and how it will be resolved.   I can write the jacket cover and make you want to read my book.   What I can not to do is work this in to a book with supporting characters, underlying stories that support the overall story.  Plotting an fully story outline is a skill that is elusive to me.   I spent years in as a systems analysis, this should not be hard for me, but it a hurdle I haven’t been able to get over.

My father’s  first cousin is a Christian writer.   Much of her inspiration, excluding God because that is a given for Christian writing,  comes from history, some of it family, other regional history.  She is encouraging and makes me think about taking some of my family history research and weave that into a story.   Is that the story I suppose to write?  Until then I will keep blogging along.


2 comments on “Writer Within?

  1. I’m very slow in reading this but am humbled that you mentioned me! The dream of being a writer for me had a sloooow start, developing over many years but lying dormant for a long time. I credit God with having put a call on my heart to write for Him in drawing this out into the open, where I could no longer deny it or ignore it. Not me, is the point! That is what holds my writing together, literally, & gives it some type of cohesive purpose. Yeah, that sounds “wordy” but it’s true! You can do it, too!! Our family NEEDS this recorded in one form or another. Recently I began dreaming of a collection of short stories, fiction but all based to some degree in truth. And not just truth but MY family history! So here we go again….Will keep you posted about this project as it goes along. I have 2 of the stories done & 2 others plotted out. Feel I need at least 6 good solid ones for a collection, maybe even more. We’ll see. So keep that family history coming!!! Together, we will make our mark!!

  2. I totally can relate to your problem. I took a writing class and came up with a creative idea for a story. I have done some research on the topic but find myself unable to take the next step. I guess the idea is to start small. If I can get 20 pages together, maybe I will have something. Good luck with your project.

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