New Software – New Hardware

I have had a Wacom pen tablet for years and had a love hate relationships with it.   I loved what it could do and I hated the fat nib.   My employer recently bought a newer version and today I have been working on getting used to the differences including the wonderful small nib.    At the same time I have been getting use to my upgrade in Photoshop Elements.

These two upgrades caused me to go find my favorite exercise book and start to work my way through it again.   Some of it is very easy, i.e. black and white and sepia color photographs.   Others I have to read the steps a couple of times to make sure I get it right and then look at how this new tablet works settings work as well.  Sometimes is fun and other times it is frustrating as I don’t seem to know how to get it just wright or….right.   It seems like it should be the same but it isn’t.

In the next few days or weeks watch here for some of my play projects.   Here is one from today.

Here is a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Pullet showcased on a black and white background.   I used layers, decoloring, eraser tool, the zoom tool, the color saturation and hue tools to do this.   What I learned in this case is a blue color for a bird is really more grey and not necessarily the best choice for this kind of project.   I learned about the touch feature on my new Wacom, and how to turn it on and off to serve my needs.   Not bad, and I did not once want to run out in traffic while doing this.


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